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"SNOGGLE" written by J. B. Prietsley

Illustrated by Júlia Moscardó

Translated by Marc Donat

Published by Bromera in 2018

It was one of those days of August in which nothing happens, but everything can happen. And so it was. The peacefull life of James, Peg, Robin Hopper and their grandfather will be overwhelmed by the appearance of a small being from a distant planet. An authentic extraterrestrial shaped egg, with huge eyes, short legs and some antennae in the head. Local authorities, alerted by a possible extraterrestrial invasion, will try to capture it, but the Hopper family will protect it so it can return to its planet. After all, Snoggle does not look like a human being, but it is much more peaceful and harmless.

"L'ÚLTIM VOL DE LA FAMÍLIA DUMONT" written by Oriol Canosa

Illustrated by Júlia Moscardó

Published by Animallibres 2019

Julia Moscardo
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